Trine Mee Sook’s Vampire Talk at ‘Strange Blood?’

We are happy and excited to announce that artist Trine Mee Sook will be doing the performance ‘selections from Vampire Talk I-III’ at the Monster Network event ‘Strange Blood?’ on 21 October at LitteraturHaus in Copenhagen at 8pm.


About Trine Mee Sook’s Vampire Talk:

The text based performance trilogy, Vampire Talk, combines semi-biographical experience with notions of racial representation and otherness in relation to vampirism and trans-national adoption. Suggesting that vampires and trans-national adoptees share not only blood-related interests but also certain similarities in relation to identity building, sex, family, and colonial discourse.

Vampire Talk I:

The topics of Vampire Talk I concentrate on origin, racism, and the general myths of vampires and international adoption.


Vampire Talk II:

The specific topics of Vampire Talk II concentrate on ethnic representation, reproduction, sex and blood.


Vampire Talk III:

The specific topics of Vampire Talk III concentrate on colonialism, Korean culture & custom, and death.