Strange Blood? is now on Facebook!

The Strange Blood? event now has its own Facebook site and, because we’re cool kids, a hashtag: #StrangeBlood

We hope to see you in Copenhagen 21 October!

To catch up on the event, here’s what it’s about:

Blood banner

Increasing migration, border control and use of biotechnologies for reproductive assistance make up the structural backdrop for intense debates about personhood, citizenship and national belonging in the Nordic countries.

Strange Blood?  asks: What is at stake in these debates about personhood and subjectivity, citizenship and kinship? How are these debates surfacing in the Nordic countries, especially through narratives of blood and strangeness? Are there differences between the Nordic countries? What do artists and academics bring to these debates?

The Monster Network invites you to a roundtable conversation with scholars and artists to discuss the above questions regarding Nordic belonging and its relation to the strange and the other.