By Liv Bugge and Sara Orning  


Child:  Image courtesy/Photo credit: Liv Bugge

Stone in hand: Image courtesy/Photo credit: Hans Arne Nakrem, Museum of Natural History, Oslo

Man with two parts of trilobite: Image courtesy/Photo credit: The Museum of University and Science History, Oslo

The following extract is based on a series of group discussions held by the artist Liv Bugge where methods derived from animal communication is tested in a telepathic conversation with a fossil trilobite. Trilobites were in their time one of the largest groups of animals on the planet and is among the most common fossils in Norway, and it is especially common in the Oslo area.

A couple of people from the Monster Network were invited to take part in such a conversation as part of Liv Bugge’s artistic research project. The session involved a group meditation, then individual conversations between the participants and the trilobite, followed by a group discussion. The conversation is an exercise in non-linear ways of relating to historical existences and concepts of time, as well as using the body as an image producing apparatus. By engaging in conversation with a fossil that is dated several hundred million years back in time, the exercise is partly about letting the fossil stay in the now. The image of the fossil as governed resource is challenged by the image of the fossil subject, felt and experienced by the participant’s own body.

The extract is taken from the artwork Instructions to make use of an already present itch, which was on view in the exhibition What remains at Fotogalleriet, Møllergata 34, Oslo in March 2017.

If you are interested to take part in similar activities, please contact

Some of the questions we agreed upon asking the trilobite included:

– do you feel presence? Our presence?

– in which time do you exist?

– do you have feelings? Can you feel things?

– what about your transformation from lived life to your current form?


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Update: Promises of Monsters special issue

Dear monsters,

We have now responded to all who’ve sent in abstracts for the Promises of Monsters special conference issue of Somatechnics Journal. If you’ve submitted an abstract but haven’t heard from us, our response may have been swallowed by the web-void. In that case, feel free to contact us at promisesofmonsters at gmail dot com and we’ll get right back to you.

We are grateful for all the amazing submissions we received and sad that we had to reject so many for no better reason that not having space for them.

We will get back to you all with updates as the issue gets ready to face the world, fully fledged and fanged!

Best wishes,

The Monster Network