Væsner. Interlude: Worse Things + Here be Monsters

We’ve chosen to jump to the most recent episodes of ‘Væsner’ this week, thereby disturbing the chronology a bit. It feels more timely this way.

Væsner – An Interlude:


Worse Things

Stay safe. And bring the revolution.

Here be Monsters

Anne Nielsen?


“Yes, I’m here.”



No, I’m not here. Not at all. This past month has been surreal to say the least and has proved to me that there are things going on that I cannot possibly understand nor even imagine. Monsters and The Digging Dead, otherworlds and portals and void-seas and a rabid tangerine in a White House. I’m not here. I’m not here at all. I’m somewhere else, and I’ve no idea where that is. Until I have a slightly firmer grip on my new reality, I’ll keep the updates waiting a little longer. I need some time to mourn the loss of a world I thought I knew and a future I’ve been taking for granted.

Stay safe out there, people. If nothing else, here be monsters.


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