Væsner. Episode 1: Void + Episode 2: Copenhagen Gate Services



Hehe … Nothingness has been found, right here on this very blog.

Nothing found


Copenhagen Gate Services

I received a letter from Copenhagen Gate Services today.

“Must be a mistake,” Lakse said, turning the envelope between his fingers. “Sure it’s not a typo and it’s really from the postal services?” This is not as strange as it might sound; in Danish the words for ‘gate’ and ‘post’ are quite alike. But that was not it. I pulled out the letter and placed it on the table between us. “Doesn’t look like their logo, though, does it?” The Danish postal services, Post Danmark, has this red bar with a golden bugle on it and a crown. This letter was completely black with a white bar in the top right corner in which a black circle was drawn. Instead of the word ‘post’ – which is what Post Danmark’s logo says – it read ‘gate’. The envelope was white with black writing: ‘To Gatekeeper 75803002’, it said, and then my address. ‘From Copenhagen Gate Services’, it continued, but without an address.

“There’s no such thing as Copenhagen Gate Services,” Lakse stated, folding the letter back into the envelope. And that was that. For the rest of this blog I’ll mostly be writing about:

  • Being unemployed
  • Living in Copenhagen
  • The weather. I like writing about the weather.

I’ve never had a blog before. I’ve heard it’s therapeutic.



By Anne Nielsen.

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