New blog-series: Væsner


Anne Nielsen is unemployed and after having worked some years abroad, the Danish unemployment system primarily sees her as an alien. However, Anne is not the only alien in a country that is increasingly closing itself off from the rest of the world, and in a series of letters from the non-existing Copenhagen Gate Services, she is eventually called upon to help uphold the borders of Copenhagen itself. Soon her street is filled with noisy shadows, her oven spews soot-creatures, and the Danish Postal Service has gotten itself lost in the 17th century.

Protecting oneself from outsiders is a monstrous business indeed.

Anne Nielsen blogs about her experiences – and tweets about them, too – and from tomorrow you can follow the events once a week right here on Promises of Monsters.


A note on the author:

Anne Nielsen lives and doesn’t work in Copenhagen. She rents a flat in X__ Street, which is not its real name, and her best friend is Lakse, which is also not his real name. Anne Nielsen is Anne Nielsen’s real name, though she herself might not be real.

But then again, she might be.


A note on reality:

It is strange.