The Monster Network newsletter # 1

Summer is slowly coming to an end, and the creatures that live in the cold and the dark are stirring. This of course includes The Monster Network and the Promises of Monsters website!

We’ve been scheming and would like to let you in on some of our plans, so below you’ll find our very first newsletter – or you can download Newsletter #1 2016 The Monster Network as a pdf. If you’d like this newsletter send directly to your inbox, let us know by contacting us at promisesofmonsters [at] gmail [dot] com.

A correction: when we first sent out the newsletter, we stated that the deadline for abstracts for the special issue ‘Monstrous Encounters: Nordic Perspectives on Monsters and the Monstrous‘ was the 31st of September. The correct date is the 1st of September 2016.

Ghastly greetings,

The Monster Network


The Monster Network Newsletter #1 2016

Dear Monster friends,
Welcome to The Monster Network and our first newsletter! We might have been a tad quiet since the conference, but we have not been hibernating, not at all: We have been cultivating, gathering and weaving more monstrousness!
 If you haven’t done so already, take a look at our reanimated website. This is now the official site of The Monster Network, so hold on tight and join the ride!

1) Why monster studies? Symposium about the future of monster studies in these times. On Halloween, 31. October 2016, in Oslo, we continue the discussions raised in our closing -opening panel at Promises of Monsters. We’ll be back with more information over the summer.
2) Promises of Monsters conference special issue: We are now preparing a special issue of Somatechnics to be published in 2019. This journal is particularly concerned with the interconnections between technology and embodiment. Considering the timeframe, we will get back to you asap after the summer with more information about extended deadlines and practical stuff.
3) Call for articles on Nordic perspectives on Monsters and the Monstrous. Check out this monstrous special issue of Kvinder, Køn og Forskning. Deadline for abstracts: 1. September 2016
Lastly, a question for all of you: we have some great photos of people (aka you guys) from the conference that we would like to post on our website. Does anyone object to having your picture on our site? If you have any objections, please let us know before the end of this week, Friday 8 July. Thanks!
Feel free to circulate this newsletter to monster friends and colleagues. Contact us at promisesofmonsters [at] gmail [dot] com if you have news, tips, tricks or treats, or if you do not wish to receive the newsletter in the future.
The Monster Network