Why monster studies? Symposium on the future of monster studies

Save the date! This year we’ll be celebrating Halloween with a symposium on the future of monster studies. The symposium will take place at the University of Oslo and will continue the discussions we had at the opening/closing panel at the Promises of Monsters conference.

We’ll be back with more information over the summer.

For more on the subject of monster studies and its futures, see Donna McCormack’s The Future of Monster Studies and Asa Mittman’s The Impact of Monsters and Monster Studies.


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New Ways of Talking: the importance of world breaking and making as a way of creating better futures

By Russell Jones


A month or so ago, I entered two of my unpublished books into the Half the World Global Literati Award competition: a novella, “Dating Superman” and a young adult fantasy novel, “The Talkers”. This competition aims to “give voice to the inner lives of women” and sought rounded female protagonists, with a grand prize of $50,000 for the winning entry.

My novella, “Dating Superman”, was based on a true story told to me by an ex-colleague, about her life as a child in Brooklyn, New York. Over a dodgy sandwich and even dodgier cup of library coffee, she told me about her neighbour: a man who only lived in her area on the weekends, and he dressed as Superman. Whilst the locals thought he was a bit eccentric, they didn’t think much else about it. Years later, they saw him on the cover of a magazine, out of the blue and red spandex – he was some big CEO of a major US company. It turned out he’d been sneaking away from his usual life to escape the pressures of big business, and to date women. I had to write about it. Continue reading