Promises of Monsters – reanimated

It was a dark and stormy night and thunder crashed and the rain it roared and lightening flared across the sky. All across the country houses lay silent and dark, for the lights were out and the TV-sets dead and besides nobody wanted to draw attention to themselves. Better hold your breath and hope that lightning strikes someplace else, they thought. But not here. No, not at Promises of Monsters. Here we pulled switches and adjusted lightning rods and pushed buttons and cackled wildly as sparks flew and WordPress crashed and images uploaded and failed to upload and uploaded again and old posts were deleted and new words added and finally it was all ALIVE, IT WAS ALIVE! Or as alive as electronic media can be, which is to say not exactly alive-alive, if you know what we mean, but more sort of at least not dead. Undead, as they say.

What had been the corpse of the Promises of Monsters conference website raised itself from the slab, this time as the official Monster Network website. “Welcome!” it said. “I’ll tear you into a thousand pieces, drink your blood and wear your eyes like pearls!” it said. “Or maybe just appear in your newsfeed from time to time and, you know, say hi or something”, it added. “So welcome! Take a look around! Maybe you want to write something for the blog? Or a piece of fiction, a poem, an article or something completely different for the Monster Archive? If so, you can contact my unholy creators at promisesofmonsters [at] gmail [dot] com, but quickly before we chase each other across the Antarctic and lose the internet connection”.


So welcome to the Monster Network website! It sees you. It hears you. It knows where you live and it really likes your curtains.




The Blob. Performance by Anna Efraimsson and Tove Salmgren at the Promises of Monsters conference, April 2016.

Photo by Aino-Kaisa Koistinen.


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