Promises of Monsters – Storified


Photo by Annegret Märten

By Annegret Märten

On the 28th and 29th of April 2016 the Monster Network invited to its Promises of Monsters conference at the University of Stavanger. Here‘s the Twitter Roar around the conference.





Call for Articles – Updated

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Monsters are back, or perhaps they never went away. They haunt popular culture and social media. They lurk as images of dread and terror in politics, and figures of thought within academia. As shadows of the past they reappear as the potential biotechnological realities of today. They roam the in-between, making borders and boundaries tremble and shatter; whether these be borders of nation states or bodies, or categories of race, gender, sexuality, ability, class, self and other. In this sense, the monster embodies a promise of disturbances and change, as Donna Haraway argued in her 1992 text “The Promises of Monsters”.

Haraway’s text heralds the 1990s rapid increase in academic engagement with figures of ghosts and monsters, the spectral and the monstrous, encompassing publications such as Derrida’s Spectres of Marx (1994) and Jeffrey Jerome Cohen’s anthology Monster Theory (1996). Now, on the other side of the millennium-threshold, the popularity of monsters has flared up again, inspiring publications such as for example Ashgate’s Research Companion to Monsters and the Monstrous (Mittman and Dendle 2012). 20 years after Haraway’s essay, “The Promise of Monsters” (2012) is evoked yet again, this time by Cohen, to point to the strange temporalities and disturbing messages of the figure of the monster as it haunts the margins of reality and human subjecthood. Messages that may well be promises, but of what? Continue reading

Thank You!

Thank you all for a wonderful conference! For the discussions, the art, the performances and not least the questions raised during these two monstrous days. Thank you all!
As mentioned during the closing panel – which was really an opening panel – more monstrosities will follow, so watch this space! We will turn it into the home of the Monster Network and start bringing blog-posts and art. Our first priority is to publish the many brilliant questions posed by the participants at Promises of Monsters during the closing panel in order to open up to some of the strands and questions that could possibly (and impossibly) be engaged with both in the immediate and distant future.
Thanks again! We are grateful for the many exciting papers, the talks and the unabashed monster-making! We will return soon with more updates.
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