Blobbing – An offer to all presenters

By Blob-assistants Anna Efraimsson and Tove Salmgren


Blobbing is a performative and interactive proposal aiming at introducing a monster logic at the actual conference, a physical presence of monsters in parallel to all the speaking and analyzing about monsters. Blobbing is infiltrating and playing, focusing on bodily and spatial re-organisation. The speakers and contributors of the conference are offered a Blobbing of their presentations- formats and instructions that could infiltrate or even possess the talk, the lecture, the after-talk etc.

We, Anna and Tove- the Blob assistants will be on spot at the conference by the registration desk where you can learn more and sign up for a small, medium or large size of Blobbing according to your Blobbing needs. Below you can get a pre taste of the Blobb-menu offered for you.

BLOBBING If you want to do Blobbing, choose one of the following sizes according to your Blobbing needs.



SMALL Choose one
-The Picnic blanket – Get rid of the stiff conference body, chairs out, blanket in!


-The Blob wants to move- The conference moves in normal speed but The Blob is infiltrating and wants to move!


MEDIUM Choose one
-The Blob warm up (10 min before the presentation) for an energized group feeling!


-The Blob wants to know – question game (10-15 minutes) – Replaces the question round. Ask the questions you never dared, The Blob will camouflage them for you!


LARGE (all the following components)
The Blob says warm up


The Blob wants to move


The Blob wants to know – question game



See you at the conference!

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