Monsters in Art

28th of April

A collaboration between Sølvberget, Stavanger Kulturhus and the Monster Network’s conference: Promises of Monsters


Welcome to an evening about monsters in art!

Monsters have always been at home in art – whether in paintings or story-telling, theatre or film – and these days the monster seems as restless as ever. It appears in popular TV-series such as The Walking Dead and Doctor Who; in the flesh-like sculptures by Patricia Piccinini; in podcasts such as Welcome to Night Vale and Alice isn’t Dead; in films like The Babadook and The Witch; in the rekindled interest in Lovecraft’s work, and much, much more.

But why do monsters keep returning to haunt us through art? What do they have to tell us about contemporary fears and anxieties? And what does it mean to work with the monster through art – and with art through the monster?

The evening begins with a short presentation on the subject of monsters and art by Swedish artist Tove Kjellmark. Afterwards, there will be a panel discussion followed by an open discussion with questions from the audience.


Tove Kjellmark is an established artist based in Stockholm, Sweden. She explores artistic methods to trigger unsettling encounters between non-living artifacts and living agencies; technological and natural forces; human life and animal life and between mechanics and organics. Kjellmark has created the artwork in the picture used for this event. The picture is from her exhibition ‘Non-humans Only’ (2011).

Janne Stigen Drangsholt is a Norwegian writer and literary scholar. She has published the novels Humlefangeren (2011) and Ingrid Winters makeløse mismot (2015), in which she engages with the themes of fairy tales and mythology. She has a doctoral degree from the University of Bergen and has done research on the subject of the British author Ted Hughes.

Line Henriksen is a PhD candidate from Linköping University, Sweden, and a founding member of the Monster Network. Her research is on the topic of digital monsters, for example those found in the podcast Welcome to Night Vale, the web-series Mushroom Land TV and so-called ‘creepypasta’, that is, (sometimes cursed) online urban legends.


Aino-Kaisa Koistinen is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland, and member of the Monster Network. She has a special interest in science fiction, media culture and popular culture and is a board member of FINFAR –The Finnish Society for Science Fiction and Fantasy Research and one of the editors-in-chief of Fafnir – Nordic Journal of Science Fiction and Fantasy Research.


The event is free. It will be in English.


Time and place:

18.00 – 19.30 at:

Sølvberget, Stavanger Kulturhus

Sølvberggt. 2

4002 Stavanger


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