Poems: ‘Fenrir’ and ‘Harvest’

By Kate Garrett




give me your hand

he said,

jaws dripping with doubt

eyes sidelong

as they held out the bonds

no heavier than silk strands


and I knew my hand

was a small offering

as they wrapped him in chains

made of lost thoughts

made of movement and breath

made of the unseen


and all of these slipped

past his eyes, sidelong

and his jaws clenched

and my wrist ripped apart

and I knew this was a small gift

to the beast wrapped in chains.


[‘Fenrir’ was first published in The Nine Realms Poetry Book, Artipeeps, 2015.]



i sneak, i reap


i am a trick of the light


light from a golden crop


of wheat-silk soft

& mine with one swipe

of scythe


break my fingers

break my toes

one by one by one


i provide, i scheme


i push you into motion


motion of worlds beneath


so panic – panic until

back & forth & back

the needle swings


threading this voice

you fear down into

my throat



Kate Garrett on ‘Fenrir’ and ‘Harvest’:

‘Fenrir’ is a poem that is sympathetic towards the wolf, even as Tyr sacrifices his hand to him.

‘Harvest’ is a different angle on the myth of Loki stealing Sif’s hair, and his punishment – I see Loki as a catalyst, he stops the other gods from being complacent, he keeps them on their toes and makes things happen. In this poem I viewed the other gods as being monstrous in their treatment of Loki – the punishment did not fit the crime(s).


About Kate Garrett:

Kate Garrett writes and edits. She is a senior editor at Pankhearst, and the founding editor of the myths/legends/fairytales/folklore-based Three Drops Press, home of the webzine Three Drops from a Cauldron. Her work can be found online and in print, most recently in Up the Staircase Quarterly, After the Pause, Clear Poetry, and The Jawline Review. Her latest pamphlet, The Density of Salt, is forthcoming from Indigo Dreams Publishing in 2016. She lives in Sheffield, UK.

Website: www.kategarrettwrites.co.uk




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